Cobra Venom Has Been Used For Medicinal Purposes For Years

Many people are often shocked to find that cobra venom and various other types of snake venom are used for medicinal purposes. After all, it’s natural to assume cobra venom is a dangerous element, but the fact is that the venom can be leveraged to do a lot of good in the medical community and that has been the case for many years.


Some History:


  • Cobra venom was used in ancient China for the treatment of cancer and arthritis pain. It has been reported that cobra venom has been used to treat a variety of cancers ranging from liver, lung, esophageal, skin, and even leukemia cancers.
  • Cobra venom has also been used for other purposes from general tonics to being used as an aphrodisiac.
  • Overseas, India and China provide such venom at specialized medical centers and do so to service the public with the venom for a wide variety of reasons.


For the most part today cobra venom is primarily utilized by the Chinese medical community for the purpose of controlling and treating pain. Although cobra venom was introduced in Europe as early as 1837. In 1853 the British physician John Rutherford Russell utilized cobra venom as a homeopathic form of treatment for heart disease. In 1894 French physician Albert Calmette developed the first anti-venom agent with his findings. In 1900 John Henry Clarke (an English Homeopath) publishes a three-volume Materia Medica consisted of listing the various medical purposes of many snake venoms, as well as the proper dilution mixture of cobra venom so that it can be safely applied towards the treatment of pain. The point here is that cobra venom has been used for many years for many different purposes in the medical community. The discovery on its effect on the treatment of pain has been incredibly useful.


Combatting Pain:

article-2229616-15E559D5000005DC-883_634x410In 1936 a medical researcher within a pharmaceutical company discovered that when administered in small controlled doses the cobra venom was producing analgesic effects that were outperforming morphine in its activity towards fighting pain. To go a step further cobra venom was frequently used to take the place of morphine in many patients that grew a tolerance to the drug and when morphine’s effectiveness wore off. Cobra venom was also a great substitute for many of these patients when they were starting to show addiction to the opiate pain killers. The benefits of cobra venom in replacing the opiate proved to be a valuable source as in clinical trials the cobra venom stepped up to the plate in proving itself. It has done so by demonstrating about an 80% effectiveness in the treatment of headache and arthritis pain.

In treatment the cobra venom has demonstrated long-term control of chronic pain conditions minus all the addictive problems that tend to be associated with opiates. The only small distinction is that the onset of relief  tends to be a bit slower with the use of it as an analgesic in some cases, but the success of the treatment tends to last longer with many individuals that use the substance.

This is a tremendous find in the treatment of pain and being able to rely on a pain reliever with properties that are able to minimize the negative side effects compared to other forms of treatment towards pain.



The use of snake venom and particularly cobra venom has been around for quite some time now. Although much of the research is ongoing the benefits of the use of cobra venom as a pain reliever that have already been established have withstood the test of time…and continue to improve.

One such product that utilizes cobra venom as a pain reliever for sore muscles, achy joints, and certain chronic pain is a topical pain gel known as Cobrazol. It consists of cobra venom, as well as two other types of snake venom that are used in its ingredients to combat pain. Check it out for yourself.


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