cobrazol-sport-high-kick-pictureWhat better way is there to know just how well something works, than to get real honest reviews from athletes that actually use our product throughout their training?

Here at Cobrazol Sport HQ – we love to hear from the everyday athletes that work their tails off to become their best fit self! These kick-ass amateur athletes are working professionals, parents, students, etc., that make no excuses when it comes to training hard for the sport(s) of their choice.

Day jobs and other responsibilities sometimes get in the way of being able to properly rest sore and strained muscles. Getting such pain relief is made even more challenging when specifically trying to avoid relying on NSAIDs and other pain killers. So these athletes have chosen Cobrazol Sport to be their go to pain reliever and let us know exactly how Cobrazol Sport has been able to help them stay in the game. Check back as we continue to update our reviews!

Check them out below!

Desiree – Hockey Player & Muay Thai Fightercobrazol-athlete-we-follow-desiree-picture

Blog: Life at my Heels


Hi! I’m Desiree, but folks usually just call me Dez. I’m a recent grad from GSU (B.S. in Psychology). I love sports, music, art, reading, comics…I’ll just stop here – this list can get ridiculous! Anyway, I created my blog to chronicle my adventures (and some misadventures) in the world of amateur sports! My ultimate goal is to have participated in as many sports and activities as possible, and perhaps inspire others to take on some challenges themselves!



Nicolle  – Runner

Blog: Tropical Blue House


My name is Nicolle, I am a mother to two beautiful children and a wife to an amazing husband. I am an NASM certified personal trainer with a specialization in women’s fitness. I currently am a trainer at 9Round Kickboxing located in Raleigh, North Carolina. I love cooking, traveling, running and all things health and fitness. I began my fitness journey after my daughter was born and I haven’t looked back. There’s nothing more enjoyable than the feeling after a great workout!