As an authoritative site, we absolutely encourage our affiliates to submit guest blog posts that contribute to our message of optimal fitness in the healthiest ways possible.

The following are our guidelines that we will use to evaluate each submission. Please note that while we value every contribution from our affiliates, some contributions may not be approved.

Article Submission Guidelines:

Please include the following for each submission to the content of our website:

  1. Each submission should be at least 700-900 words
  2. Include a brief author bio and photo to be posted along with the article.
  3. Photo(s) (and/or Youtube video) that fit the theme of the article you are submitting.
  4. Each submission will be allowed only (2) links. NO third party links that are unrelated to the article content will be allowed.
  5. Do not embed photos. Please submit all photos as attachments.
  6. When submitting a video link, please do so within the body of your submission where you would like the video to appear.
  7. Submissions may be returned with requests for additional editing.
  8. All submissions are required to be informative, not an advertisement for a product, goods, or services unless it is a review of Cobrazol Sport.
  9. All submissions must be original content and has not been previously published elsewhere.
  10. All submissions must be sent via email as a Word attachment or Google Docs (including any photo attachments) to the following address: