Everyday Heroes 2

Inspiration comes in many forms. Some times we all need a little reminder of what it takes to get there. One way is watching someone else achieve their long standing goals. Another would be hearing how someone faced adversity and used it as fuel to achieve success. So if you are looking for a collection of amazing stories to help light that fire in you, check out Everyday Heroes 2!

Everyday Heroes 2

One of the Featured Authors: Brandon Richey

Everyday Heroes 2 is aiming to become an Amazon Bestseller that is a collection of inspiring stories from a group of  37 authors that have come together for a great cause!  Not only are they sharing their recipes for personal and professional success, all of these amazing individuals are contributing 100% of the proceeds from each book sale to Cancer Research Institute!

There’s also another wonderful plus for purchasing this book! You will also have free access bonus material offered by the authors, and the bonuses continue to grow everyday!

Visit this link: Everyday Heroes 2 to learn more about the bonuses and how to gain access after your purchase!

We are so proud and very excited for our favorite Head Sports Ambassador and Strength & Conditioning Coach Brandon Richey, as he is one of these incredible and inspiring authors that is featured in this book!

Here is a short excerpt we are able to share from Brandon’s chapter where he let’s us in on his latest triumphs!

Chapter: Sighting In The Rifle 

by: Brandon Richey 

“…I also became a contributing author to the huge online fitness magazine Breaking Muscle and the Brandon Richey Fitness blog was listed as one of the Top 10 Best Fitness Blogs on the internet in 2015 by Breaking Muscle. Hopefully I can make another run at it here in 2017.

In the past year I’ve also become the leading Sports Ambassador for a brand new topical pain reliever called Cobrazol Sport which I’m working to break into regional and national distribution. It’s a beast of a venture, but it’s already starting to happen on a local scale.”

— Brandon Richey, “Everyday Heroes 2”

Don’t just take our word for it. Gain valuable insight for success and help support cancer research!

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