Gaining Max Benefits: When Following A Specific Order Benefits You Best

Gaining Max Benefits: When Following A Specific Order Benefits You Best

Did you know there is an order you might want to follow when trying to maximize your post workout recovery routine? Believe it or not, there are two small tweaks that can be made that can really help an athlete gain the most out of their workouts, cool downs, and recovery days.

Dynamic Stretching Before Workouts; Static Stretching After Workouts

Many coaches and top fitness experts will tell you that static stretching isn’t actually the best thing to do before your workout, it’s actually dynamic stretching that is the key to getting you warmed up and ready to crush your goals.

Dynamic stretching warms up the muscles in a much more effective way that helps to loosen tension and tightness, leaving you less likely to end up hurt or sore afterwards. While static stretching should be reserved for a post workout cool down to help keep tension and tightness from building too quickly causing much more soreness and stiffness.

Getting a Massage Before A Visit to a Chiropractor

It might not seem like a big deal, but the truth is – there is more to gain from a massage before a chiropractic adjustment that the other way around.

It was explained to me one day, after a much needed post fight camp/pre fight massage by one of my favorite massage therapist’s that it was better to get a massage before an adjustment. I had never thought of it – but it all made sense!

Massage therapy helps to loosen stiff and tight muscles, release knots, and ease tension. This makes it an easier and much more thorough task for a chiropractor to work their magic! You don’t have to get a massage right before your adjustment, however. Within a few days of each other and you’re still likely to gain the benefits of a deeper adjustment than you would if you went in still tensed and tight.

Though these two tips may not seem like much to change, small tweaks like that actually do have a bigger impact on how you feel afterwards. Try them out for yourself and compare your results!


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