Hitting the ‘Wall’: What To Do When You Lose the Love For Your Sport

Hitting the ‘Wall’: What To Do When You Lose the Love For Your Sport

frustrated athleteAs athletes, we all hit ‘the wall’ at some point. Whether it’s performance that’s slipping so the whole thing gets frustrating, or getting overworked that it almost becomes a job and all of the fun feels like it got sucked out. It can be an absolute buzzkill to realize you just ‘don’t wanna’.

So what do you do? If you’re part of a team sport and are mid-season, quitting to take some time off might not be feasible. However, if you’re specifically training for an individual competition it might be a bit easier to take a step back for a minute to recharge your mindset.

Here are a few tips you can try to help get you over the ‘hump’ and reignite the love for what you do:

  1. Change your routine: If you’re stuck working the same routine, you’re way more likely to hit a rut and get bored or feel like you’re not making enough progress. Try mixing things up! If you’re mostly focused on cardio – add some strength training, and vice versa. Get creative too! You don’t have to rely on traditional means for cardio or strength. Look for fun activities like indoor rock wall climbing or even a ninja course for a dose of fun!
  2. Treat Yourself: If you’ve been using the same equipment or gear for years – it may be about time to treat yourself. There have been many studies that have shown, using new workout or sports gear can help bring back some of the excitement to participating!
  3. Take a breather: Taking a break may be optimal if you really are feeling overwhelmed. Even with our best intentions to maintain balance, our daily schedules, demands from work, school, and/or family can get the best of us and make any fitness seem more like a burden. Take a few days to relax and do stress relieving activities like yoga, leisurely bike rides, or nice long peaceful walks outdoors to help you recenter your mind.
  4. Set new goals: Sometimes, you really do need to just take a step back and reevaluate your goals. Have you reached a goal and aren’t sure where to go next? Create new, ever evolving goals to keep you hungry for more achievements! Expand on each goal and don’t be afraid to continuously challenge yourself.

The biggest thing that can hold you back from progress is keeping yourself in a negative mindset. Don’t feel obligated to stick with something that doesn’t make or keep you happy. If you need to change your activity or take a break, do it. Who knows, within a week or month, you may be chomping at the bit with renewed vigor to get back to it and do better than you have before!

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