“I’m pregnant, I’m not broken” – Maintaining a Healthy Fit Pregnancy

“I’m pregnant, I’m not broken” – Maintaining a Healthy Fit Pregnancy


Many times, expectant moms to be are faced with very differing opinions from others when they talk about pregnancy fitness. While, some folks are under the assumption that pregnancy is the time to sit back, relax, and do as close to nothing as possible. The reality is, it’s very beneficial and recommended for expectant moms who’s doctor or midwife believes is experiencing a low risk, healthy pregnancy, to exercise at least 30 mins a day!


Unfortunately, too many people that aren’t really up on their pregnancy info, fall into the beliefs that pregnant women are fragile and shouldn’t be putting what they feel is ‘unnecessary strain’ on themselves. Essentially believing in Hollywood portrayals of what pregnancy looks like and giving old wive’s tales too much benefit of the doubt. Whether the judgements come from friends, family, or strangers – it can be difficult to navigate through their ideas and try to find the right advice on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy fitness routine.

As a female athlete and expectant mom myself, I definitely have found that it can be tough to convince people that it’s perfectly safe to exercise. Modifying your routine and keeping an open and honest dialogue with your doctor or midwife is extremely important to be 100% sure that the routine you adopt or maintain is safe to do.

According to American Pregnancy, the benefits of exercise during pregnancy are bountiful! From helping to prevent and treat gestational diabetes, to potentially helping make labor and delivery easier on mom and baby – if you were active before pregnancy, most doctors will recommend continuing to be active unless there is a medical need to avoid it.

How to maintain fitness during pregnancy

The reality is, you will have to scale back and modify as you progress through pregnancy if your routine was rather intense. With all the changes to your body, you’ll want to be sure you compensate to keep yourself and baby healthy and safe! Always keep in mind that you’re baby is relying on you for oxygen, so if you can’t talk without gasping during exercise, you need to take a step back!

The March of Dimes website also has some incredibly helpful information on exercising while pregnant. While it may not be safe for moms with a diagnosed health condition, moms that are found to be healthy by their doctor or midwife, they are still advised to pay attention to their bodies as well as to avoid especially strenuous activities that can potentially injure joints or any activities that can cause a risk of falling or heavy impact to the body, particularly the midsection.

Hiking, walking, light running, light weight lifting ( where you do not cross weighted objects over your belly), and pregnancy yoga are some great suggestions to work from. No matter what you decide, always be sure to check with your health provider to ensure that you any activities you choose to partake in are safe for you and baby.

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