Why It’s Important to Keep Proper Form During Exercise

Why It’s Important to Keep Proper Form During Exercise

We’ve probably heard it a million times while training, weight lifting, even running:
Maintain Proper Form. There are so many reasons why maintaining proper form during exercise is so important. The obvious (preventing unnecessary injuries) aside, by practicing proper form, in turn, technique will continue to improve in the specific exercise or drill.

There are many benefits to be gained from taking a moment to correct improper stance or grip while exercising. This is why it often helps to have a partner, work in front of a mirror, or capture video to look for any possible errors to improve on!

Preventing Injuries

The obvious top reason to maintain form is to avoid injuries. From grip, stance, and motion during to focusing on running stride, keeping track of form can help prevent muscle tightness, strains, or sprains. When in doubt, always ask a trainer or coach to observe you and give you some helpful tips in recognizing any errors and correcting yourself when you’re on your own.

Maximize Gains

With proper form, comes gains. This is because the focus of the movement will specifically target the muscles groups intended during the exercise. Many people would be surprised to learn that even the slightest misalignment during weight lifting, for example, can throw them off just enough that they’re not reaping all the benefits they could be.

Improve Skills

Want to condition yourself to be better at your chosen sport or activity? When you pay attention to how you’re moving rather than just on how fast you can perform the routine, you’re working to improve the way your body moves and how it responds to the moves. It then quickly becomes more of muscle memory that you can build efficient skills upon. You’ll soon find you’ll be able to perform faster, stronger, and better than before.

Keep form in mind while cranking out a work out, and you’ll be sure to thank yourself later!


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