Learning Strength And Unleashing Your Inner Beast

By: Brandon Richey, B.S.,CSCS

Owner: Brandon Richey Fitness LLC

As a strength coach I’m always hammering away on the significance of mastering the fundamentals. After all, fundamentals are at the foundation of any foundation no matter the endeavor. Having said this today I also want to talk about the significance of tapping into and unleashing your inner beast! Keep on reading because today’s topic is going to take a rather different direction.

The Motivation

brandon-curlsAs coaches and trainers in the fitness industry we often want to direct the majority of our focus onto the typical technical aspects associated with lifting and movement. Of course this is obvious, but I think most articles and blogs on the internet tend to leave out the other side of the human element that makes all of this happen. I mean what drives us to dig our heels in and get to work?

Since the beginning of time man has been fascinated by adventure. Human history shows us how man would leverage speed and strength to his advantage in order to succeed in a hunt, or to fight for his mere survival. This characteristic is inherent in people. It’s instinctual.

The truth is that nature and the real world have always been a testing ground for how people adapt, survive, and thrive in their relative environments. The same can be said for the beasts in the wild.

I mean let’s take the tiger for example. The tiger is a fierce hunting machine, but the tiger is only this way because its survival depends on it. A tiger has adapted to its environment by being able to build significant speed and power in order to come out of hiding and execute a kill on its prey so that it can eat for the day.

The point of this is that this motivation comes from a deep-seated need that is instinctual to the core. It’s about the hunger. It’s about survival.

When talking about people this is also something that is inherent within all of us. The need to harness physical skill and to develop physical prowess is something that drives all of us as well…or it should.

Unleashing Your Inner Beast

squat barSo what does this have to with training? How does training unleash that inner beast within all of us?

Physical activity is essential. Movement ties in directly to how we function as people. The act of moving in various ways when lifting, running, throwing, and dragging objects helps to sharpen those very characteristics that are already present within us that are associated with survival.

Not to sound cliche, but the mind and body are truly connected. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. The function, or dysfunction of one will directly impact the performance of the other. That is the truth.

We’re designed to move and to harness our abilities in various ways which is why lifting, training, and moving in various ways are so essential for human function. Being able to lift and control our bodies at a proficient level is something that plays directly into the primal nature that dwells within us.

The challenge with society now is that the environment has changed. We no longer have to go out and hunt for our food, or tend to the crops…at least not out of complete necessity.

Nowadays we can simply hop into our car and drive down to the local grocery for our food rather than having to hike out on foot for miles and risk our lives to come back with food from a successful hunt. The environment has changed and so have much of society’s physical priorities.

The key is shifting the focus back to getting up under a squat bar, swinging a kettlebell, or burning off some frustration by punching and kicking a long bag. Those traits tap back into that deep and very essential primal instinct.

Even as a strength coach I can attest to the fact that once you start placing the body in motion it’s easier to sustain perpetual motion. Emphasis of movement on a consistent basis enhances joint integrity. Mobility and stability in various joints produce performance while minimizing dysfunction.

In addition to joint integrity a well trained athlete can also maintain a high level of function because the act of moving at a high level for the purpose of competition has also wired that individual’s nervous system in such a way that they possess a larger craving for the pursuit of strength and movement.

I always like using the analogy of a race car engine. The race engine is built tight so that it can be ran at high speeds. The faster you run it the better the engine performs.

The human body is the same way. The nervous system will adapt to the stress we place on it. As we progressively increase the type and amount of stress through lifting, running, and throwing objects our bodies in turn will be able to handle more and more.

This process of adaptation which is simply at the foundation of biology causes us to be capable of handling more physical stress. The body’s system is literally hardwired for the purpose of performing tasks that demand performance.

In Closing

The point here is that when we are training for a purpose to enhance our fundamental abilities and to progress those abilities at higher and higher levels we stand to unleash our inner beast. The process of training simply taps into to a more instinctive motivation that comes from a need to survive and perform.

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