The New Trend of Hip Pain: Causes & Natural Relief

The New Trend of Hip Pain: Causes & Natural Relief

More doctors are seeing hip pain in their younger patients. If you have recently been increasing your activity level, you might be already finding yourself coming face to face with a new (and possibly increasing) amount of hip pain or discomfort and seeking advice on how to treat it.

What causes hip pain?

weightsThere are many causes for hip pain. The newest information that is being researched is the effects of high intensity workout routines like cross-fit and obstacle runs. Specifically how activities like this could be causing hip pain in the athletes that participate.

There isn’t anything wrong with participating in these activities and workout routines. However, most doctors and coaches alike will absolutely emphasize the need for proper form and the gradual increase in activity instead of just jumping right in.

Suddenly or rapidly increasing activity, level, or resistance can increase the likelihood of injury. Proper technique and form throughout all activities, regardless of type – can decrease the chances for more serious injury and prolonged pain.

When to see a doctor for hip pain?

It’s always helpful to talk to your doctor about your hip pain. If the onset of the pain and discomfort is sudden, chances are – there may be a fresh injury or strain that may need some attention right away. If you cannot soothe the pain at home with rest, ice, heat, or compression, a pain relief aid may be necessary.

How to Naturally Relieve Hip Pain

Cortisone shots, muscle relaxers, and other pain relievers may help in the short term, but there is no guarantee. They may also leave behind some unpleasant side effects.

Chiropractic care, rest, application of ice or heat, stretching, massage – these are some great medication free techniques that can help curb hip pain. Natural pain relief creams are among some of the most sought after methods to help alleviate pain. Thoroughly research natural methods for pain relief to find the best option for you.


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