Proper Pain Management for Fitness

Proper Pain Management for Fitness

Pain is an interesting characteristic because it can be present in everyone for various reasons. On one hand, pain can be a good thing because pain is our body’s way of indicating to us that something is going on.

Obviously we can have pain due to some sort of trauma, disease, or injury. Some pain may be more acute in nature and some pain may be caused from something more serious and chronic in nature.

Training and Being Your Own Advocate for Combatting Pain

Obviously being involved in an intelligent fitness and strength program is important for a number of different reasons related to health. When it comes to pain the value of being committed to an intelligent and progressive fitness program means building a fitter body which will ultimately reduce the incidence and likelihood of disease, or injury occurring in our lives.

Now having said that, even the most active athletes and weekend warriors will push themselves to the limits. As a result, this may cause an incident in muscle and joint soreness to arise at times.

Of course the smartest way to combat pain is for us to be our own advocates in terms of how we go about treating it. When addressing pain, you want to address the source. This means that at times when physically stressed muscles will become tight and inflammation will set in. Stiffness and immobility may also contribute to many situations of acute pain and discomfort.

stretching-814227_960_720The good news is that we can be our own advocate for managing this type of pain by focusing on effectively stretching sore stiff muscles and by focusing on the mobility aspect of our training. More often than not this will be a better option to combat acute pain and soreness. This is the best practice when looking to get the most out our pursuit of health and fitness while limiting the setbacks.

After all, who else is going to be responsible for “our” pain other than ourselves? At the end of the day we as individuals should be responsible for how we go about treating and healing our bodies.



Other Treatments

When addressing acute pain many people will tend to take the path of least resistance by either taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, or resorting to a topical pain gel that simply masks the pain.asprin-1067019__180

These other options may serve their purpose at times, but there can be setbacks to your lean muscle gains…along with other negative side effects when using NSAIDs for prolonged periods of time.

The reason behind this is that when physically stressed the body has a natural way of repairing itself post exercise. The recovery process involves some level of inflammation that is a normal response to micro trauma that has been introduced to certain working muscles. By taking NSAIDs you could be inhibiting this natural process of allowing the body to repair and to recover.


skin-care-1491363_960_720Another option for pain relief that people tend to choose by default is the use of topical pain gels. However, if you are faced with some severe inflammation and discomfort then many topical pain relievers just simply mask the pain and aren’t really doing anything to fight it directly.

Let’s face it though, when it comes down to it, there are going to be instances when we need to take advantage of some more immediate pain relief. The fact is that even if we train smart and act as our own “advocates” in fighting pain, we are still going to face muscle soreness and acute/chronic discomfort at times.

Even while being our own advocates, we can make smarter choices by what we go about using to fight pain in these instances. We don’t always have to resort to drugs that may have potential negative side effects such as NSAIDs. In these cases, we can rely on topical pain relievers such as Cobrazol which offer a great deal of relief with no side effects.

The difference with a pain gel such as Cobrazol is that it attacks the source of pain directly at the nerves. Cobrazol is successful in doing this because it’s main ingredient is snake venom. Snake venom contains tremendous medicinal properties and there is a protein in it that allows it to attack the pain at its source.

The good news is that it can be applied to treat pain in a way that is non-addictive and non-habit forming. Being our own advocate in treating pain is about being smart. Cobrazol is a smart way to treat pain.


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