What to Take With You When Taking Your Workout Outdoors

What to Take With You When Taking Your Workout Outdoors

The summer weather is on it’s way, and in some places, already here! A lot of people find it easier and almost second nature to take to the outdoors and find themselves to be much more active. Getting outside is not only beneficial to your mental well-being, it’s also good for the body!

When you spent any extended amount of time in the blazing sun and blistering humid temperatures, your body will compensate to keep your body’s system running smooth.

Before heading out to your next outdoor adventure, there are some key items that you may want to consider packing a long with you to better able enjoy the time spent out there.


  1. Water – Hydration is vital to keeping the body functioning at tip top shape. Time spent outdoors in the summer heat means, you will sweat more, which dehydrates the body faster. Carry a thermos or water bottle filled with plenty of water to sip on and keep yourself hydrated!
  2. Sunscreen – Protecting your skin from the harsh rays helps lower the risk of skin cancers, severe sunburn and premature aging. Be sure to use a sunscreen with a content of at least spf 15. Apply it thoroughly at least 15 minutes before sun exposure, and reapply every hour.
  3. Sunglasses – Shielding those peepers is just as important and taking care of the skin. Eyes can be damaged by too much bright sunlight. Be sure to get some well-fitting sunglasses that won’t slip or fall off during your activity.
  4. Hat – A hat will not only help shield your eyes and face from the burning sun, it will also help keep the rays off of the top of your head which can keep you cooler.
  5. Snacks and a travel sized first aid kit – Depending on where you’re outdoor adventure takes you, you may consider packing some easy to transport snacks and a basic first aid kit just in case you run into any emergencies.

These are just the basics of what you should keep on hand while outdoors. If planning for an extended amount of time, like a long arduous hike, consider packing a light travel/hiking bag. You may want to include more water, a poncho in case of a sudden change in weather, and a portable charger with cord for your mobile device.

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