The Truth About Muscle Soreness

cobrazol-sport-muscle-soreness-blogIf there is one thing that is the most dreaded by product of starting out a new workout routine or ramping up your training, it would most definitely be the impending doom of feeling so sore, you can’t move.Two types of muscle soreness contribute to the discomfort gym-goers feel that can affect their daily routines outside of working out.

What are the two types of muscle soreness?

  • Acute Muscle Soreness – Much less severe of the two types, it is usually felt right after a workout and typically disappears after a few minutes to a couple of hours after the workout.
  • Delated Onset Muscle Soreness – Otherwise known as the ‘DOMS’, is usually felt a day or two after a workout and causes more intense discomfort and pain which can affect daily routines. Onset occurs around 24 hours after the workout and can last up to 3 days. This is due to microscopic tearing of the muscles caused by the sudden increase of intensity or stress put on the muscles.

When the muscle aches are severe like the DOMS, it’s important to remember to listen to your body. Though another (much lighter) workout can help alleviate some of the stiffness and pain, taking it easy and resting may be the better option to avoid worsening the pain or causing injuries due to compensation.

Pro-Tip: Dynamic stretching before any workout routine will save you tons of aches and pains later. It helps warm your muscles up and get ready for the onslaught of activity and help avoid unnecessary strain.

Should I take a pain reliever? Will it help?


cobrazol-sport-muscle-soreness-blog-picTaking pain relievers like NSAIDS or prescribed pain medication may seem like a good solution to help alleviate some of the ache, however recent studies have shown that this is further from the truth. The reality is, pain relief medications can give a false sense of well-being. That is to say – you will think you’re feeling much better than you are so you may push yourself harder than you should in your next workout and could potentially cause more severe pain and injuries.

This is why topical pain relievers like Cobrazol Sport are growing in popularity. It offers fast and effective pain relief without fooling one into thinking the cause of the pain has been completely wiped out. You will be able to get through your workouts and daily routine without feeling so much soreness, but you will still be aware of your limits and be better able to advocate for yourself and overall well-being.











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